Change Log

Starting in March of 2016, is being reconstructed for the first time in several years. Please pardon the mess (sparsity of content, missing content, dead links, etc.) during this process. Our new core is now mobile friendly (responsive) and we are adding a lot more content. Even though we hope to have all of the coding during March, we anticipate this will be a fairly comprehensive process for many more months as we add content. Visit us often and watch our regrowth.

> Mar-23-2017: Instagram galleries added.

> Dec-31-2017: Current content is now quite prolific and will no longer be quantified in the change log.

> May-30-2016: Current content summary: 96 image sub-galleries with hundreds of images and 46 HD videos.

> Mar-31-2016: Content count is now at 70 image sub-galleries with 200+ images and 44 HD videos.

> Mar-20-2016: We now have over a hundred new pics posted in 56 image sub-galleries and 40 HD videos posted in 6 video galleries with more of each being added every week.

> Mar-13-2016: Core Features are now implemented and functioning as intended. 42 new image sub-galleries with approx. 100 images and 13 videos are now posted with a lot more coming.

> Mar-01-2016: Web site is being rebuilt from scratch. All existing/old images have been relegated to the Archive Galleries for the time being.